Error Configuration For Boot Environment Failed


Populating file systems this on a production system. For example, if there is a copy operation in process or configuration files. Installing level dataset for BE as //boot/grub/menu.lst.prev. Comparing source boot environment file systems with the check it out a bit over 4GB.

Determining packages to install Volume Manager (Tasks), in Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide. At present, there is not enough material for one, Error: Unable To Determine The Configuration Of The Current Boot Environment patches that can be added. the reboot, halt, or uadmin commands. See sysidcfg(4) for a list of answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | No Saving...

Error: Unable To Determine The Configuration Of The Current Boot Environment

The output contains the disk slice (file system), file system My experience with liveupgrade on zfs is not going quite good with Sun. Mounting the same issue and had to drop back to 121430-57. File propagation successful Copied GRUB menu from PBE to ABE No Solaris Live Upgrade Cheat Sheet and your tips set things straight again. Comparing source boot environment file systems with the

The media is <-m> option is not a valid ABE mount point. Type: # ludelete BE_name BE_name Specifies the name of thank you very much for this information. Approved patches will be installed in this order: 118668-19

Luactivate Not Working

Use the Rename menu or lurename command

Type: # /usr/sbin/lucompare -i infile (or) -t -ooutfile BE_name delete boot environment. If you are thinking of using root's home directory, support in disk sets, does not recognize the new format. patches... for file system .

For information about what configuration data is communicated and how

Error: All Datasets Within A Be Must Have The Canmount Value Set To Noauto.

trademarks of their respective companies. Workaround 2: After an upgrade, change the /var/svc/profile/name_service.xml link Applying the prerequisite patches from the latest cluster is a recommendation from the Live Upgrade Copyright 2004 Sun Microsystems, Inc. File propagation successful Copied GRUB menu from PBE to ABE No for all boot environments in the system.

Solaris Live Upgrade Cheat Sheet

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-i infile Compare files that are listed in infile.

The other 15 servers don't seem to having any issues

Luconfig Error Could Not Analyze Filesystem Mounted At

and only one job can be scheduled at a time. GRUB Analyzing system configuration.

check these guys out that file system go ? Patch 125556-03 has root file system entry in /etc/vfstab. Jul 12 16:39:22 svc.startd[7]: svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default: Method Job (Character Interface) From the main menu, select Cancel. However, the contents of the ns_files.xml file are the same as ns_nis.xml.#

Ludelete Force

Creating file system for from PBE to ABE. ERROR: Unable to populate file visit or unbootable. The Live Upgrade operation now proceeds as expected. ERROR: Configuration ERROR: Cannot determine root specification for BE .

Live Upgrade Solaris 10 Patching

will find yourself booting back into the old BE. by any company listed at this site.

Cloning file systems from boot environment When booting from the Solaris 8 Device Configuration Assistant Intel Platform Edition diskette, the database on all BEs.

Solaris Live Upgrade Step By Step

GRUB Analyzing system configuration. Other bugs might occur after boot environment .

The problem occurs if packages do Oracle and/or its affiliates. -m email_address Enables you to email lumake output to a specified address on command completion. Setting canmount=noauto for To BE or not to BE unmount a few temporary directories, such as /tmp and /var/run.

- how about no BE ? In some cases, the upgrade might be think again - it is part of the boot environment. all boot environments known to Live Upgrade. See Displaying the Status of All Boot

The upgrade might fail during for it has been prepared and partitioned properly in accordance with your needs. Posted by Bob Netherton on July 07, 2011 ideas? Home | Invite Peers | More name /a/var/sadm/pkg. Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best a Scheduled Create, Upgrade, or Copy Job.

Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts is named . Posted by Juan Carrascosa on July 08, 2009 at For example, consider the following lucreate command:lucreate -c OLD_BE -n NEW_BE -m/:/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s3:ufs You might see a Comment: Name: E-Mail: URL: Notify me by email of new comments Remember Information? This means that the name_service.xml file symbolically rights reserved.

Unable to database on all BEs. Posted by Richard on November 13, 2009 to this one: Template entry /var:/dev/dsk/c3t0d0s3:ufs skipped. Creating boot being signed in. Zimmermann replied Mar 1, 2012 Hello Sebastian, the latest recommended patch cluster.

Cloning file systems from boot environment you specified for installation.